Just Enough Python

Python is THE language to learn for Data Science, Machine Learning, AI or general programming. If you are new to programming and want to a quick guide to getting started programming in Python go to the FREE Just Enough Python site.

Coding and Data Science

Plotting with Pandas: An Introduction to Data Visualization
If you are a budding Data Scientist or Data Journalist, being able to visualize your data gives you the ability to better understand it. On Medium.com

Simple Twitter Statistics with Python and Pandas

Twitter statistics are great to see how well you are engaging with your audience but how are others doing?

Setting Up Jupyter Notebooks for Data Visualization
Jupyter Notebooks are a great and fairly simple way to explore data and create visualizations in an interactive environment.

Starting Data Visualization with Julia and JuliaBox
With Julia and JuliaBox you can make impressive data visualizations with almost no programming knowledge and no need to install anything.

3 Excellent Python IDEs for beginners - Thonny, Geany or Idle
If you are a professional Python programmer, looking for an Editor or IDE, you are spoiled for choice. But if you are a Beginner, or a Teacher, what is the best bet?

Technology and Science

Schrödinger's Cat is Alive and Well, and living in a parallel universe
Is the Many Worlds theory an alternative to the classical Copenhagen Interpretation in Quantum Physics?

Technology and Your Brain
We can’t read properly anymore, our memories are fading, we don’t know the stuff that we used to and we don’t talk to each other.

Should Robots Pay Tax?
Around half of all tax receipts come from payroll taxes. So where will tax revenue come from if robots take all the jobs?

What if Dark Matter Doesn't Exist?
Dark Matter makes up 85% of the Universe. Scientists have been looking for it for ages. Is it really there?

Bacon Increases the Risk of Cancer but Should We Worry?
Bacon, sausages and other processed meat may increase your chance of getting cancer but some scientists say that there's no need to worry. It's a question of personal or public health.

How to save $10,000 a year: Stop driving!
Autonomous vehicles will change the way we drive and how we own our vehicles.
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