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Hands-on tutorials for Python, Pandas and related Data Science topics with some demo apps.

Plotting with Pandas: An Introduction to Data Visualization

If you are a budding Data Scientist or Data Journalist, being able to visualize your data gives you the ability to better understand it.

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ggplot: Grammar of Graphics in Python with Plotnine
Do you wish that Python could emulate the superb visualizations that ggplot gives you in the R language? Well it can.
Plotnine is a powerful graphics library for great visualizations and based on ggplot
Data Visualization with Julia and VSCode
With Julia and the free VSCode IDE, you can make impressive data visualizations with little programming knowledge.
Setting Up Jupyter Notebooks for Data Visualization
Jupyter Notebooks are a great and fairly simple way to explore data and create visualizations in an interactive environment.
Sentiment Analysis of Tweets
Sentiment Analysis is used in marketing to judge how well a product, service or brand is seen by its customers. We look here at how to analyse the sentiment of tweets using the VADER Python library
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Visualizing Twitter Statistics with Python and Pandas
The official Twitter statistics are great to see how well you are engaging with your audience but you can use Python to see how are others doing, too.
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Python for Data Journalists: Get Your Data from the Web
Use Python and Pandas to discover, read and analyse data from CSV, Excel spreadsheets on the web